I Saw Willie Nelson in Concert. What’s New with You?

*Warning: Completely random, disjointed post ahead. Proceed at your own risk of developing ADD right along with me.

Y’all really bring it when it comes to the fashion advice and assurance and I expected nothing less from my fabulous friends. I think this week’s resolution to switch it up and step it up (Sounds like a commercial for an exercise video, no? Switch it up! Step it up!) was a success. I was snapped out of my rut by the unseasonably warm weather, of course, and even made small changes like wearing necklaces and eyeshadow. Yes, I understand that most 14 year-old girls can handle that but I think we all know I’M JUST THAT SLOW.

In other news, Coffee Guy’s last day at Cal Java was this week. Aloha…and mahalo for the early morning pseudo-flirting. The words “soy latte” will never be the same again.

You know what’s kinda fun? Having a friend place bets on how quickly you will get drunk at a party this weekend. You know what makes you feel like a frumpy hag? Discussing body fat percentage and cholesterol levels with said friend.

If given the chance to see Willie Nelson live, do it. Even if you aren’t a huge fan or whatever. I was fortunate enough to see him at a small venue, which I think always enhances the exeperience, don’t you? Anyway, I have fond memories of listening to his music with my dad on long car rides as a wee girl. It was funny how many of the songs I knew, and he did some pretty fantastic covers of other classics. Plus, the man can jam! Seriously, he wails.


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