Let’s Give This a Try

I’ve seen this on a few sites I read and think it’s a nice reminder that there are things – sometimes small, silly or seemingly insignificant – that can bring us happiness in the midst of chaos. It’s called “Grace in Small Things” and many people list 3-5 items a day. If you can find a few each day that make you smile, it’s a nice way to inject a little “serenity now” into your life without going all-out Pollyanna.

Grace in Small Things: 4

1.) Discovering friends who share your affinity for geeky pursuits (I’m looking at you, Cappa and Judi) and embarrassing junior high crushes.

2.) Healthy babies being born to my friends. Congratulations to the Kurtz, Swanes, Alvarez, and Kopscak-Yeung families!

3.) M&M’s fresh from the vending machine at 10am. South Beach diet be damned!

4.) Advil.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Give This a Try

  1. I posted a similar list of random things that happened in my day that were little things to be appreciated. I didn't realize it's called grace in small things! It's a nice reminder of the good things in life when negativity seems to run rampant… šŸ™‚

    P.S. Now I want M&Ms.

  2. I saw that on yours! Yes, there are a few sites running it as a series…some people are trying to do it every day. Go get yourself some candy!

  3. The nervous excitement in my son today as he visited a potential middle school for the day.

    Neat to see him growing up before my eyes.

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