Speaking of Geeky Pursuits…

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I had (OK, maybe still have) a big ol’ honkin’ geeky-ass crush on Commander William T. Riker of the Starship Enterprise. To clarify, I do not have a thing for the actor who portrays him, Jonathan Frakes, nor do I really seek out any of his other work. My dork-love is directed at Riker. Because, you know, that is totally normal.

My crush dates back to the early 90’s, when my mom would watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, we only had one television, and I decided to watch it with her once. This is probably more than a little odd considering I was 12 or 13. I mean, there was a more age appropriate character on the show – played by Wil Wheaton! – and I’m all up in Number One’s grill? Yeah, I’ll just let a few of you armchair psychologists ponder this one for awhile.

In my defense, I found him hottest when he grew the beard, but before he started packing on the pounds. But even aging and a little weight gain didn’t diminish my love. I’m crazy, not unreasonable, remember?

Behold the object of my affection:

Come on…kind of attractive for an uptight white guy? Maybe? No? OK.

Still not convinced of how awesome he is? Watch this little clip and tell me it’s not a total panty-dropper:


Anyway, I guess I’m kind of excited to share this because recently I’ve found kindred spirits in unlikely places and I’m hoping maybe some of you will open up about your semi-embarrassing crushes, past or present. Let’s hear them. Oh, and I know I’m opening myself up to ALL KINDS of harassment and mockery, but the heart wants what it wants.


5 thoughts on “Speaking of Geeky Pursuits…

  1. I dont even know where to begin with that one!

    Ok…since you spilled the beans on your crush….one of mine had to me Jo on the Fact of Life played by Nancy McKeon. Something about a chick on a motorcycle in a school uniform that gets me everytime.

  2. oh, and i’ll do a “me too!” on Jo from Facts of Life. That was one hot baby dyke! and we all know how i like boyish girls and girlish boys 🙂

    did i mention rickie whatshisname from Silver Spoons? we’re deep in the WayBack machine now…

  3. Alex, you need to meet my friend Nicole!!! She still has her “I Luv Ricky Schroeder” shirt! I will not apologize for Riker. I like ’em accomplished and kind of intense.

    Mo, you and the schoolgirl outfits! Not shocked one bit!!

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