My Favorite Things: What I’m Wearing

There have been some requests for photos of some of my Favorite Things in my wardrobe. It’s Monday, I’m bored, and I have a camera. Let’s do this!
Chicken Dress: I found this frock at a store here in Chico in their small “vintage” section. It was so 1950’s and fun and inexpensive so I snagged it. Why is it called “The Chicken Dress” you ask? Because the pattern features flowers and chickens. Duh. I wore it to church with my grandma and she went crazy over it; I’ve seen pictures of her back in the day and she was one stylin’ fox (how she managed that while wrangling five rambunctious boys I’ll never know) so I’m taking that as a compliment. It’s not lined and the skirt is see-through so I have to wear a slip with it, which actually makes me feel really proper and all Sandra Dee-ish.

This one’s for you, Roadtripper… Please note the classy location for this photo shoot: my bathroom.

Black Boots: My quest for black boots was a complicated one, mostly because I am high-maintenance. I didn’t want TOO high of a heel, or TOO pointy of a toe, and I also didn’t want something that looked like it was straight out of Herman Munster’s closet and I didn’t want anything that looked like someone took a Bedazzler to it…my list of demands was ridiculous, really. Luckily DSW came to the rescue with this pair by Bandolino. Hallelujia!

How do I *really* know these are a winner? Gay men gave it the thumbs up.

Anthropologie Skirt: The skirt that made me Anthro’s bitch for life. Eight years after its purchase I still wear it as much as possible and receive compliments on the unique style. Sometimes I worry it’s a bit much. I mean, it’s pretty bright and features sparkles – but if that doesn’t describe me, I don’t know what does. The material is soft and it makes me feel pretty. So there.

The bright colors! The beading at the bottom! So in love after all these years!

Pashmina Collection: All the haters out there can shut it. Go ahead and argue that pashminas are SO 1998. Whatever. They are cozy and can add some color to a blah outfit. And double as a blankie on an airplane. Magic! These photos should be proof that I have A Problem but they are all used, so I feel OK about that.

Exhibit A: The winter/fall color collection

Exhibit B: The spring/summer collection

Pink Clutch: Elisabeth sent this to me for my birthday one year and I may have actually squealed a little when I unwrapped it. It’s completely girly – pink AND sparkly – which is nice for a tomboy like me.

Hello, Lover…

The Super Classy T-Shirt Collection: Lest you think I’m the Queen of England, here’s evidence that CKD knows how to rock and roll all night, AND party every day. With, you know, breaks for snacks and napping of course. Probably the best purchases of 1998, really. The “Dick’s” shirt is from a burger place in Seattle, hence the tagline “Where TASTE is the difference.” I don’t wear these shirts out in public anymore, but there was a time when I didn’t think twice about sporting them out and about. My mom did not love that phase.

Van Halen, 1980 Invasion. Oh heeeelllll yes!

This shirt is so bright you can probably see it from space. Obviously, it was love at first sight.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: What I’m Wearing

  1. Oh my gosh! I think I have crapped my pants when i saw the Dicks shirt! The combined awesomeness that you still have a dicks shirt form your time here in Seattle and the fact that you BOUGHT (or stole one from a cute boy behind the counter) a Dicks shirt just gained you about 25 coolness points!

  2. Mo – Hells yeah!

    B – I bought it at a thrift store. Perfect condition, soft and broken in. Refuse to part with it.

    Miz Lit – You can borrow one if you want.

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