This Is a Crappy Excuse for a Post but I’m Taking All Kinds of Hell for My Hiatus

Hey Interweb…what’s happening? (Say that like Bill in Office Space.) Apparently people actually read this thing because I have taken some crap for not updating the last couple of days. Um, sorry? Mama killed some brain cells this weekend and is planning to do an Afterschool Special/Very Special Episode-type of post COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS as soon as said pictures are procured. Hang in there – evidence of the full powers of my jackassery will be here soon.

In the meantime, here are some deep thoughts for you:

-I read this: and pretty much lost my shit because I play this same game ALL THE TIME. Meetings, the grocery store, coffee shop, random cocktail party: it’s a sickness. But apparently someone else suffers from it so at least I’m not alone in the crazy. So, you know…good for me? I think? Anyone else out there want to cop to this kind of insanity?

-When did CSU Hayward become CSU East Bay? That’s weird.

-It has come to my attention that after exhausting the armed forces I am now just collecting The Village People. The Indian Chief is going to be a challenge but I think I’m up for it.

-Don’t you love those days when you kind of threw together an outfit and didn’t really have time to do anything with your hair (which is an out of control mess anyway and probably beyond help) and yet people stop you in the hallway to say you look cute? Because I fucking love those days.


2 thoughts on “This Is a Crappy Excuse for a Post but I’m Taking All Kinds of Hell for My Hiatus

  1. CSUH became CSUEB in 2006 I think. The term East Bay apparently is more representiatiave of the student body than Hayward is.

    Glad knowledge from my previous career is coming in handy for you.

  2. Wow, you are a veritable font of CSU knowledge. Thanks, Belles!

    OK, so I get that the student body is from all-around the East Bay, but the campus itself is in Hayward… It seems like if we use that rationale, CSU Chico should be CSU North State or something? My theory is that no one actually knows where Hayward is so they changed it.

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