Tonight, We Bowl!

Monday I woke up with the kind of headache you get after you’ve spent the day riding around in a limo swigging champagne in between visits to three separate wineries. And yet when a certain three year-old woke me with “WE’RE GOING TO THE BOWLING ALLEY!” I knew I had to sack up and face the noise.

Apparently every family within a 50 mile radius had the same idea we did (rain + no school = bowling), but the hour-long wait for a lane was made more bearable by the abundance of hangover food available at SeaBowl. Cheese sticks? Check. Pizza? Check. Chips and salsa? Check. Let’s do this!
Little Man so excited that he “knocked down those pins” all the way at the end of the lane. Moments after this photo was taken I squeezed that little face and kissed him because I can.

Sissy tries to convince Bubba to use the racks provided for kids to help them bowl. Captain Independent was having none of it and insisted on hurling the ball down the lane. Each turn took approximately 34 minutes.

The DeFazio kids celebrating a successful turn. At this point Evan was just enjoying goofing off with the rack…it gave him something to do as the ball made its slow-ass way down the lane.


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