At Least I’m Consistently Lame

In keeping with the theme “CKD is always about 8 steps behind what is cool right now” I would like to discuss my “new” favorite television show: 24.

What’s that you say? This show has been on for several years now? And I am JUST NOW catching on to its awesomeness? Well, add it to the list of reasons of why I am not – nor ever will be – cool. Maybe tomorrow I’ll buy some acid wash jeans. Or a Walkman.

Because I am a good little rule-follower I have started from the beginning (thanks for loaning me the DVD’s Kevin!) in hopes that by 2010 I will be able to watch the current season. I am hooked. COMPLETELY HOOKED. The twists are fun, the characters aren’t what they seem at first glance and Jack Bauer is such a badass. I think I’m developing a little crush on him, to tell you the truth. There, I said it. Impure thoughts aside, it really is a good show. Why didn’t anyone mention it to me before?


4 thoughts on “At Least I’m Consistently Lame

  1. Dont be discouraged by a couple of season in the middle that are not as good as the first. The current season is back upto speed.

    Its kind of like a drug dealer…gives you he goodstuff at first then mediocre stuff most other times with a good one tossed in to keep you coming back….or so I have heard.

  2. Mo, I love you. I made that same drug dealer analogy earlier, but aimed at the friend who got me hooked. Sure, he’s loaning me Season 1 for free…but who knows what the following seasons will cost.

  3. I have successfully avoided “24” so far, because I know it will totally hook me and I will spend many MANY hours (that I don’t have free) in front of the tube. But you are tempting me…

  4. Seriously, it’s like crack, but without all the weight loss.

    Check it out and let me know what you think. I had heard it was SO GREAT and was kind of prepared to be disappointed, but it’s intriguing stuff.

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