Because My Friends Cannot Make Decisions Without Your Help Either

Interweb, your assistance is requested regarding A Very Important Fashion Decision. A wedding-related fashion decision…which is pretty hardcore in the realm of clothing choices. The marriage may not last, but those photos are around FORFUCKINGEVER. (Just ask my mom about the harassment she has endured at the hands of her only child. Hey, if you wear a lampshade hat, expect me to comment on it, OK?) For the first time in the history of someone getting married I am NOT the one required to don a bridesmaid dress. But we have a Bridesmaid Virgin on our hands and she needs our help.

Miss Katie will be in her very first wedding in September, which is actually very exciting. The bride has chosen dresses offered through an online boutique, and has designated “persimmon” as the color. However, being a reasonable sort, she is allowing each girl to choose her own style. Here is where you can help.
We have a little poll going where you can vote on which style Katie should choose. She has it narrowed down to two, but is open to suggestions if you feel strongly. You can vote in the comments, too, and all opinions will be considered.

Here is Katie, in case you haven’t met her:

Check out the dress options here Katie is leaning toward the Ashley or the Katherine (which would be kinda cute since that is her name and all, but not really a requirement), but open to suggestions if the overwhelming majority feels differently. This is kind of reminds me of playing dress-up with my dolls only it’s a real, live person. Who really likes wine. See why we’re friends?

5 thoughts on “Because My Friends Cannot Make Decisions Without Your Help Either

  1. Both nice dresses..HOWEVER…being of the male variety..AND having eyes and seeing your friend is quite attractive…I am leaning toward the Katherine for a bit more skin.
    Yes she will have to worry about tan lines and all that girl stuff but she can definitely pull it off…the look, not the dress.
    Please tell your friend Im really not a perv, contrary to ALL my posts.

  2. The Katherine. It’s elegant. The Ashley strikes me as the kind of dress that women think is cute, but guys think it looks like a sack. (Or, maybe that’s just me.)

    The Caroline is nicely elegant, but too severe. The Millie is also nice, but too casual, unless the whole wedding “look” is country-esque and down-on-the-farm.

  3. Katherine seems to be the leading contender so far, it’s my pick as well.

    Only problem is we can’t see how the bottom half shakes out.

  4. I seam to be the odd one out here but I went for the Ashley. I like the Katherine as well but there was just something about the Ashley.

    Either way they are both lovely!

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