More Proof for the Commitment Hearing

I think about Beyonce sometimes. Not as much as I think about Tina Fey, but I spend a decent amount of brain energy on her. Energy that should be spent on job applications, saving baby seals and/or doing sit-ups. Don’t try to understand it, because Lord knows I don’t.

A few of my recent musings on the subject:

-Does anyone else find it weird that she has this alter ego named “Sasha Fierce?” Because “Beyonce” is just sooo commonplace that she needs something more exotic?

-Why is the hit single off her most recent album all about being single and not crying over her boyfriend? She’s married now, right? He liked it, he put a ring on it, Beyonce-Sasha! Don’t get me wrong, this song is playing on a continuous loop in my brain (although every time I hear the line “To infinity and beyond” I imagine that she broke up with Buzz Lightyear) and I may or may not have a little dance that I do when I hear it.

But really? Really?! I’m not getting what’s going on with Ms. Knowles.

Maybe I am not meant to understand. Maybe these are questions for the ages. Maybe I should put down the wine.

Oh, and I’ve been watching this non-stop for about 45 minutes:

Weirdly hynotic, no? The dance I choreographed is eerily similar to Andy Samberg’s moves around :58.


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