Step Inside, Walk This Way

Guess who is going to see Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick in concert, bitches? To say that I am excited is a supreme understatement. I am pretty much freaking out and cannot wait until September. I am going with some of my favorite concert buddies and am going to throw out a quick plea to S to come down from Seattle for this momentous event. Come on, Man! Remember how much fun Billy Idol was? I bet this will provide as many, if not MORE, laughs.

So, I think I need to start watching Rock of Love or something to get my outfit just so. Anyone know where I can get a leather fringe halter top? Cappa has already suggested leopard-print leggings and maybe a neck tat. At this point anything is possible. Seems like I should also have some daddy issues and smeared lipstick and/or eyeliner. Thank goodness I have time to prep.

And here I thought knowing all the words to “Unskinny Bop” would never help me later in life.


6 thoughts on “Step Inside, Walk This Way

  1. I remember that jacket well! Hahaha! Awesome. Seriously, so glad I have time to do some squats because if there was ever an occasion for hot pants, THIS is it.

  2. @Circlestar: Sept 2, Shoreline. I think there may be an extra ticket or two in our group. $70 if you are interested in joining. Obviously, this is a fabulous group of people.

    @Lilli: DAMN! I really want leather pants, so as to further realize my dream of having my own band.

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