Fancy Ladies

My mom and I went out for dinner together, and like most of our interactions, I was left wondering if any other moms and daughters talk about the same things we do. Sure, we chat about work, friends, our family…but then sometimes the conversation takes a turn for the bizarro.

Me: “Hey, you have a zit next to your mouth just like I do!”
Mom: “I know. I think it’s from getting this [gestures to upper lip area] waxed.”
Me: “Me too! It’s sucks. You have to make the choice: zit or ladystache.”
Mom: “I’ll take the zit.”

A few minutes later…

Me: “Not really loving this new development where I need to deal with a ladystache. I was explaining to a friend that it’s not dark, but my hair is so long. I look like Hulk Hogan.”
Mom: *Laughs* “Yeah, I don’t have that problem. I have more of a ‘Vote for Pedro’ five o’clock shadow, wouldn’t you say?”
Me: *Almost chokes from laughing* “Sure, we can call it that.”



2 thoughts on “Fancy Ladies

  1. I love your mom! She was one of the first people I met at our former employer and one of the few that I still miss.
    You’re pretty ok too! : )

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