Just Call Me “Impatient Spice”

Setting up this new site has been fun, but mostly challenging.  I am…how you say?  Ah yes, impatient as all hell and overly dramatic about everythingEverything, I say!  I have been using blogger for about a year and know the ins-and-outs, and having to do things like read instructions or take 5 seconds to figure something out has tested my will to live.  (See?  Dramatic!) 


Many thanks to Cece, dear friend and WordPress Yoda to my whiny Luke Skywalker, for helping me figure this out and offering encouragement.  You’re the best!


And so now I ask you, dear Interweb, to be patient with me as I get this site looking pretty and sassy and make it a place where you’ll be excited to read about my drunken antics and obssession with Jason Bateman.


6 thoughts on “Just Call Me “Impatient Spice”

  1. Thank you! I listed you under “friends and family” even though you are technically someone funny I haven’t met…yet!

  2. Hey there! You know we will follow you where ever you go! I am officially de-lurking. I read every post you write, I am just a bad commentor (**slaps herself on wrist**) – I will change that. Love reading your stuff and I miss you! Love-MM

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