Sometimes I feel the world would be a better place if you could see it from my eyes

I love Thursdays for many reasons.  For one thing, it’s my Friday.  Another reason?  30 Rock.  I have done a decent job of sticking to one of my New Year’s resolutions to dial down the Tina talk, and now I just can’t help myself.


If you are not watching this show, I feel sorry for you because this is some funny shit.  Much like Arrested Development, the characters aren’t perfect, nor are they even always likable.  And I know people have strong feelings about Alec Baldwin but Homes has the most dead-on comedic timing ever and I’d like to have his babies.  Don’t look at me like that.


To get everyone in the mood, here’s a clip that was sent to me.  This makes me “liz” a little:


Also, this one made me laugh so hard I was wheezing:|widget|NBC%20Video&__source=nbc|widget|NBC%20Video


Many thanks to K and N for the above clips.  You kids are aces.


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