A New Hope

Today is Opening Day for the San Francisco Giants (translation for the Brunchies: that’s baseball) and I am excited and bummed.  Excited at the promise of a fresh start for the team, and bummed I am not at the ballpark with my family to share in the fun.  In “Nerd Alert” news, I am wearing black and orange today – after realizing the first sweater I put on was so clearly Dodger blue.  The horror.  Don’t tell my dad, OK?


Evan will be at the game today since my dad has decided he will attend every Opening Day EVEN WHEN THAT MEANS MISSING SCHOOL.  Guess who is a little bitter that she has NEVER been allowed to miss school or work for this?  Whatever.  I can buy alcohol.  Take  THAT, three year-old!


Opening Day 2008

Have fun and drink a beer for me!  (That last part was directed at Judy.  Don’t call CPS.)


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