Easter and Stuff and What Not

This was supposed to be a lovely, colorful photo essay showing you the awesomeness that is my family, but WordPress decided to be a little bitch, so photos have been uploaded to Flickr and you can check them out there instead.  Didn’t realize I have a Flickr stream going?  Well, I do – look at the bottom right corner of the page.   There is an Easter 2009 album, complete with semi-snarky comments from yours truly.  Shocking, yes?


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the logisitics of having all four of my parents and my brother together for Easter.  “Aren’t your parents, um…divorced?  And remarried to other people?  How does that work?”  Here is how it works: my family is amazing.  And totally cool.  The end.  Yes, at one point my mom told me to elbow my dad at brunch (he was going off about how Michelle Obama is like, 6’4″ or some ridiculousness) but it was a pretty lovely holiday weekend. 


Also, thanks for the sweet wishes regarding my oh-so-ill-but-not-really father.  Apparently someone who shall remain Dad was being all Drama Queen about it and was totally fine by the time he had one round of pills.  In other news: we have successfully traced MY Drama Queen tendencies directly to him.


Evan provided non-stop entertainment and fun and was basically the poster child for Charming Behavior, save for a small meltdown pre-nap on Saturday.  What do the DeFazio kids have in common?  Don’t fuck with us if we are tired or hungry.  Other than that, we are delightful.  Shut up, yes I am.


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