What to Wear Wednesday: Clinique Almost Make-Up Product Review

As you can see from my blogroll, I read a ton of sites, many of them written by fellow product whores cosmetic enthusiasts.  Slynnro had talked up the virtues of Clinique’s Almost Make-up as a perfect option for sheer, natural, non-irritating coverage.  And since I needed another foundation like I need a hole in my head, I decided to check it out.


My every day go-to has been Jane Iredale mineral foundation, which is pretty great.  It stays put when the weather reaches triple digits, isn’t drying and doesn’t irritate my skin.  However, sometimes I want something a little lighter.  Here is where the Almost Make-up comes in.  It evens out my skin and provides some nice coverage when hormone-related acne/general weirdness rears its ugly head, but I don’t feel like it’s caked on or like I’m overdone for a day of running errands.  If you are looking for an option between tinted moisturizer (which I never like) and a full-on foundation, I declare this a winner.  Thankfully, Clinique offers a wide range of choices for various complexions.  I, of course, purchased the “Shut up, you are SO NOT Hawaiian” shade.  OK, it isn’t really called that, but it’s the lightest one and even the “Fair” options are often too dark for me. 


My experience with liquid foundation* has always been that it feels heavy and makes my face itch, but this stuff hasn’t had any negative effects on my sweet face.  Bonus! 



*Actually, I also like the Sue Devitt Foundation, but it’s pricier and more difficult to find – I think Sephora discontinued it?  WTF?


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