Is There Anything Lamer Than a Post About How I Have Run Out of Blog Material? I Would Venture to Say “No.”

I’ve been berated kindly asked to update more frequently, but I thought I was doing OK with the near-daily posts during the week.  I am not God, people: I need TWO days to rest. 


There’s lots going on in my life, but I’m just not sure the Interweb would find it all that fascinating.  Here are a few things I’ve thought about writing, but then reason and good sense took over and I deleted the drafts.


  • Dude, I got in touch with my white trash roots and went to some races at the Fairgrounds and saw a tire fly off a car and into the street. 
  • If someone says I look “good for my age” or “I never would have guessed you were THAT old” one more time I am opening up a can of Whoop-Ass. 
  • It’s really fucking hot and it’s only MAY.
  • Our family game of “Hippie or Hobo?” hasn’t caught on with the general population and that is a tragedy, my friends.
  • My mom said the word “tool” while we were in a boutique, I giggled and the salesgirl giggled back so I think she may be my new best friend.
  • I thought of a few more sorta-weird additions to the list but I’m pretty sure it will be used as evidence to have me committed so I’m taking that shit to the GRAVE.  HA!
  • Is anyone else super-bummed about Battlestar Galactica ending?


So, um, yeah.  BOOM!  Updated.  You’re welcome, Humanity.


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