On Boundaries and Being MIA

I feel like I’m slowing down on the posting and even the urge to post regularly.  Maybe my funny and creativity has a finite supply and we’re scraping the bottom?  I mean, finding a bag of shit was sort of a Godsend in a way because it gave me SOMETHING and I could be all, “Dude, I posted.  Everyone STEP OFF.”  But one can only stumble upon so many bags of shit before a.) getting a rep as a one-trick pony and b.) seriously questioning your life because I think the universe is trying to tell you something when you keep opening bags of shit.  I mean, really.


The more I think about it, the more I doubt that I am just flat out of things to write or say.  I mean, have you met me?  I have something to say about everything and am rarely shy about expressing my opinion.  And obviously I am willing to lay my crazy out there for everyone and share unflattering stories about myself.  But lately I’ve been questioning my boundaries.  Like, what is really OK for me to post?  And is it OK to share things about other people who don’t have a blog AND possess a certain amount of dignity and maybe didn’t sign up to be material for my silly little site?  And even if I do think it’s totally OK to share things about another person/other people, is that interesting to a wider audience?  I mean, do you want to hear the shmoopy talk?  Because even I want to punch myself in the face sometimes.  Yeah, I am THAT annoying.  Granted, I feel due for some happiness in this area, but that doesn’t mean y’all want to hear about it.  Plus, HELLO privacy.


So, fellow bloggers, opinionated peeps and the other four of you who read this: how do you decide what makes it to the blog?  Do you follow the “If I’m OK with my mom and /or my boss reading it, go ahead. If not, hit ‘delete’!” school of thought?  Free-for-all?  My past pattern had been daily or near-daily posting, mostly as a means of doing something creative each day and getting back into the habit of writing.  But maybe I’ve sacrificed some quality for quantity?  How do you approach frequency of posting?  Specific schedule?  When the muse graces you with glory and inspiration?  When you find a PURSE FILLED WITH POOP?  (Aside: I am never going to stop finding that funny.  Just an FYI.)


In other news, I kind of want to go all the way with Pandora.com.  I mean, I type in that I loves me some Neil Diamond all kinds of other awesome shit starts playing?  Hell to the YES!


5 thoughts on “On Boundaries and Being MIA

  1. You are too much!!!! So I guess the graduation party went well? I want to hear all about it- so today or tomorrow its on for a lunch date 🙂

  2. I say.. keep writing. And if it is something you dont want the DNA donors to read, use the password. I personally adore reading about your life (and purse o’poo) and think that times like these need writing about just as much as the sad and angry times.

    We want to hear how nice some guy treats you, that he memorized how you take your coffee and he bought you a gift certificate for shoes.

    Get crackin… I expect a fab post tomorrow. 😉

  3. A few years ago, after many months of happy blogging, I found it really hard to figure out what was right for my blog and blog in general. You know what it was? A side effect of falling in love.

    Just sayin’.

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