Oh, Right, I Have a Blog

Wow, where have I been for the last few days?  Oh, that’s right: in a total funk.  And I spared you, dear Interweb, from my wrath and screechiness.  People who had to interact with me in real life weren’t so lucky.  You’re welcome. 


Ever have one of those days or weeks where it’s a perfect shitstorm of little troubles that add up to make life feel so stifling?  I didn’t get the memo that I am a total incompetent unworthy of breathing the same air as everyone else around me, but luckily I seem to be surrounded by people willing to tell me that and then really drive the point home a few more times if it didn’t sink in at first (see aforementioned “incompetence”) so I guess I’m really lucky to have so much reinforcement in my life.  Sure, there are other people telling me that I am lovely and fun and smell nice and all that but somehow I got sucked into the “You are a Fuck-up” vortex and am just now climbing my way out of it. 


What was I saying about sparing you from my bitching and moaning?  Whoops. 


Anyway, I am determined to have a better week.  This weekend has been a restful one and I feel ready to take on the jackasses.  Also, we had a new shower door installed yesterday which has meant a lot of opportunity for me to yell the word “caulk” every five minutes.  Nothing soothes my soul like irritating my mother.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Right, I Have a Blog

  1. Christen! I think its your job? Am I right? For some reason those people at the jc think they are holier than thou. There are going to be a lot of people that think they are better than you but you just have to ignore them and keep doing your aweomeness!

  2. Man, I have the greatest friends! Offers of ass-kickings, kind words…how did I get so lucky?

    Thanks, guys. I’m doing much better now.

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