What to Wear Wednesday: How Do I Keep My Make-up Fresh?

This week’s question comes from my cousin Brooke, former reigning baby of the family until Evan showed up.  I am honored she would ask for my help considering that when we were kids I was far too cool (read: full of teen angst and resentment) to hang out and play. 


Well, I figured it was about time for me to submit a question to the all so famous “what to wear Wednesday” segment of your blog. My question is this: what is the best way to keep my make-up looking fresh without reapplying it or running to the ladies room every 30 seconds? I normally put on either a light powder foundation but if i want it to last longer I’ll often use a liquid base. Any help would be great.


Even though you recently expressed horror that I was born in the 1970’s and told me I look good for my age, I will help you.  But only because I am rapidly wearing out my liver and may need some help from you am a giver.


Since you are just using Cover Girl powder, which is generally for touch-ups for shine or to set foundation, you might want to re-think your products .  If you plan to use JUST powder alone, it’s likely not going to do the job as far as coverage and staying power.  At least, that’s my experience.  Want something that doesn’t need constant monitoring?  You’ll need to use something designed to last, like foundation.  Alas, even that can fade or wear off. 


I know I have mentioned this before, but a good primer will help your foundation set and stay put without adding layers of “stuff” to your face.  Also, make sure you are choosing a foundation appropriate to your skin type.  My dry skin has never really done well with powder, for example.   Good skin care in the first place will also help your make-up look fantastic.  Wash your face, moisturize and exfoliate once a week or so. 


For primers, I like BeneFit’s Dr. Feelgood (which I sometimes wear alone  – and it doesn’t really need any reapplication) or Smashbox Photo Finish.  I have noticed a difference in the way my make-up wears since using primers.  Sure, it feels like an extra step towards High Maintenanceville, but if you’re constantly consulting a mirror to fix your make-up, isn’t ten seconds in the morning worth it?  Next step is to get yourself a foundation that works with your skin.  If you are fond of liquids, I really like Sue Devitt or Clinique Almost Make-up.  My Jane Iredale mineral foundation is still my daily go-to and it seems to stay fresh even in the sweltering heat when I feel like my face is going to melt off.  Miracle!  All of them offer nice coverage and even things out without creating a “mask” or artificial look. 


Good luck and watch it with the tequila, Kiddo.


2 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday: How Do I Keep My Make-up Fresh?

  1. Thanks for your thoughts! I’ll hop on the next plane to High Maintenanceville and let you know when I arrive.

    I think for me skin care is a big part of it, with that being said which exfoliatetor would you recommend?

    ❤ Brooke

  2. Oh, I can recommend MANY exfoliators as I have tried almost everyone ever made or sold. Ever. This might be an exaggeration. Here are 3 starter options:

    1.) Origins “Never a Dull Moment”
    2.) St. Ives Apricot Scrub (get the one for sensitive skin or marked “gentle” because the regular one is like rubbing sandpaper on your face)
    3.) Alba Pineapple Scrub

    Also, a wet washcloth with some cleanser on it does the trick in a pinch.

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