Maybe You Can’t Buy Happiness But Sometimes New Stuff Keeps Me from Whining

Hi.  How are you?  Me?  Oh, fabulous!  It’s date night tonight (SUSHI, Y’ALL!) and my gentleman companion has mentioned an outing to the movies tomorrow where we will enjoy the comedic stylings of either Jack Black/Michael Cera, Will Ferrell, or Bradley Cooper/Ed Helms/Zach GalifIthinkheishilarious.  I am one spoiled girl.


Also, I have some annoying headcold.  Way to misjudge that “allergy attack” CKD!  I am an insufferable jackass when sick and yet…I am pretty darn chipper.  The reason?  A new lip gloss.  OK, make that chipper and shallow.


I need a new lip gloss like I need a hole in the head.  Or another purse.  Or pair of flip flops, even though I have been coveting silver Havaianas for some time now…Wait?  Where was I?  Yes, FOCUS.  LIP GLOSS.  I stopped by my mothership, Target, last night to pick up some cards and a little comfort treat because I was feeling all sniffly (Yet still in denial that I was sick.  It’s allergies!  I’m fine!) and wandered over to the cosmetic area because it is adjacent to the stationery and I cannot deny it’s seductive call.   Let me just give Target some props for stepping up its toiletry and cosmetic offerings.  Sure, you have your drugstore basics, but now they carry select Bumble+bumble  (and we all know I will put out for that shit), Origins, Kiehl’s products, and “green” stuff like Alba and Avalon. 


I had heard good things about Alba Terra Lip Gloss and checked out the limited options.  There were only three colors offered, which was mildly irritating, yet kind of nice.  I didn’t need to narrow down choices, so the decision was swift and confident: Bloom, a natural-looking pink, was coming home with me.  People, this may have been one of my more inspired decisions in recent days – nay – weeks.  And we all know I am all over sound, logical choices all the time.


First of all, the color is fabulous.  Very natural, not too shiny and no glitter or sparkles.  The consistency is fantastic and decidedly non-sticky.  My lips are not dried out, which is a HUGE plus in my book.  But perhaps the best part?  The scent: VANILLA.  I am not a huge fan of scented cosmetics, especially when it’s overly sweet or artificial.  But this?  This is subtle and lovely and makes me smile.  Let me reiterate: I am achy and tired and but I look cute and feel sassy and this cold can suck it.


Oh, and sorry if I get you sick what with all this running around town, but nothing will keep me from sushi and funny movies.  And I owe it to the world to show off my new lip gloss.


UPDATED:  I suppose the really, truly BEST part of this lip gloss is that it’s supposedly a relatively “green” product but I haven’t done the research and therefore don’t feel comfortable endorsing it as such right now.  If anyone out there has anything to add, have at it.


2 thoughts on “Maybe You Can’t Buy Happiness But Sometimes New Stuff Keeps Me from Whining

  1. I say go see The Hangover. Its seriously the funniest movie I have seen in a good 3 years! Call me I need to be filled in

  2. My top choice, for sure. We’ll see how the timing works out tomorrow – sometimes that makes the decision easy.

    Love you cuz!

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