Seriously, Where the Hell AM I?

An actual, for-reals email that showed up in my work inbox:


If anyone would like a starter batch of batter for Amish Friendship bread, please let me know!   I have a couple of batches here with me today and will be happy to share.


Now, Lord knows I love me some carbs so when I saw “bread” I was like, “Fuck yeah!  Sign me UP!”  But something about bread with the word “Amish” in it makes me think this stuff will be difficult to make (like I’ll need to churn the butter instead of softening it in the microwave or else it won’t work).  Plus, I’ll probably lose concentration because I’ll start thinking about the fact that it’s Amish bread, which will lead me to thinking about Harrison Ford, and then I’ll get mad that he’s engaged to Ally McBeal and the bread will turn into Amish Pissed-Off bread and, well, I don’t need to tell you that it won’t be as delicious. 


But getting down to another, more pressing question: is pimping bread batter at work something unique to where I live, or are you all getting similar emails at work?


8 thoughts on “Seriously, Where the Hell AM I?

  1. I encountered it when i was in Albany. I had never heard of it before, but its apparently rather common in some parts of the country!!

  2. First off….YOU MUST GET YOUR hands on that batter! This bread will change your life (and your waste line unfortunately). But, believe me, IT’S ALL WORTH IT! You will be addicted and you’ll love it. I want some right now. I can taste it…the cinnamon…the pudding mix…..the soft yummy bread. Seriously…put aside all of your ideas about the word Amish and GET THAT BREAD! As a hint…when you get the starter it says that you must do stuff to the starter (add to it, burp it, etc, etc, etc)…and in the end you will have more starter to give away and some to use for yourself. If you can’t wait the 10 days (like me), just take the bag of “starter” that you get from your office mate and use IT to make the bread. I believe it takes a cup and 1/2 to make the bread, so just take your bag and skip right to the bread recipe. You’ll thank me later!

  3. Ok….the bread is good. I have had it. I like it. I will eat more at any time. HOWEVER….isnt this stuff supposed to be given to people? I think its a “friendship” bread. You make the batter/dough, and in the process it expands and you have enough for 4 more batches….hence, you share it with your friends. The tradition, I believe, is that ou pass it along and are not supposed to refuse it because its an insult. Basically, it gets passed along so that no one is ever without food.
    But you got an email asking if you wanted it?

  4. Mo, you are a font of knowledge! I didn’t realize there was a tradition behind it. Yes, someone sent out an email asking if anyone on campus wanted extra starter batches. I wonder if maybe she had more than her circle of friends and family could manage and figured she’d open up the offer to a greater population? I know the woman who sent it out and she’s incredibly nice.

  5. OK, sorry to be cynical here…but, screw tradition and wonderful people and blah blah blah…she wants you to try this f’ing bread so that you too will become addicted and fat. It’s a total conspiracy. This bread is wicked. It’s of the devil. But, it’s oh so damn good. Do it…DO IT, then just make the bread from the initial starter and eat it all up and forget “growing” the thing…unless of course you want to get other people fat…then torture yourself for the next 10 days wondering what it tastes like while you burp the bag and then you’ll have enough to pass out too…OR…if you are like me, after 10 days, you’ll have enough to make like 8 loaves of bread for yourself. It freezes beautifully, trust me, I know. 😉

  6. oh yes the “friendship” “amish” whatever you wanta call it bread. I remember this growing up. It would never die, we would make a batch then have to get rid of like a million “starter bags”. Ok ok, so it’s really good and you should try it. However, be warned it may grow out of hand.

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