I Get Why Jessie Spano Took Those Pills

Wow, how did most of the week pass me by and I didn’t manage to post any sort of follow-up to the Great Champagne-Saber Incident of 2009?  What’s up, mad time management skillz?


Lately I’ve been expending a lot of mental energy gearing up for some busy times ahead.  We’re down to just over a month until the conference I’ve been planning for work, which means some charming anxiety dreams (nothing is set up, no one shows up, presenters bail out – good times) and a lot of moments during dinner when I suddenly freak out and start worrying about how we’re going to fit all of the exhibitor tables into the hall.  BUT!  It’s not all work-and-no-play around here!  Oh NO!  My weekends (and even some weeknights) are filled with visitors and parties and trips and all kinds of awesomeness. 


Dude, I am exhausted. 


At the risk of sounding ungrateful (and like a pussy) I am not sure I how I am going to keep up with the pace over the next few months.  (All of you parents out there can feel free to tell me how easy I have it and to just wait until I have kids and have to do everything with a kid strapped to me.  I am fully aware that I sound ridiculous.)  I consider myself to be a decent multi-tasker and pretty good with the time management (aside from, uh, that whole failing to live up to my post-every-day-thing) and yet I am worried that I am going to drop the ball at some point and let someone down.  Or miss out on the fun.


Any advice from those of you who kick ass at doing it all?  I am open to suggestions.  Except for meth, even though being so close to Oroville would make it pretty convenient.


6 thoughts on “I Get Why Jessie Spano Took Those Pills

  1. Well, you *could* get an iPhone/palmpilot/dayrunner/personal assistant and actually write down how you’re going to spend every waking moment of every day…

    But then you’d be a bitch, and people would start to realize that you were always getting up to leave in the middle of meals saying “I’m sorry, our time is up”.

    Which, interestingly, would free up a lot more of your time in the long run for chores, errands, and one-night-stands.

    Or you can accept that there are only so many hours in a day, and forgive yourself for not doing everything that everyone wants of you. When you stop giving voice to the thoughts that you’re not getting enough done, you’ll give room for the voice that’s so pleased with how many things you *did* get done!

    Wait, who are we talking about here? This isn’t my blog! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, CKD!!!!!

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen: Reason 423 Why I Love AlexJB.

    I don’t think I’d be able to function without my planner. I actually get a huge thrill out of writing things in it and then physically crossing items off the “to do” list. I am weird like that. Also, probably Amish because HELLO! Pen? Paper? The hell?

    This feeling of being pleased with myself over what I do accomplish…I am unfamiliar. Please teach me your ways!

  3. this is my day to day reality. constant stress over all the shit i don’t get done. might be good to make a list one day of what i DO get done, just to pat myself on the back a bit. hey, that’s a blog post right there!

    just remember – you are not alone. no one gets all their shit done. all of us are dropping balls all the do-dah day. just do it with a little elan and flair (which, after that sabering thing, we know you can do) and it’ll work out fine.

  4. Okay, here’s the reality that will break an energetic and enthusiastic girl’s heart: multi-tasking doesn’t work. Well, actually…it does work for a bit and then one start tearing one’s hair out or becomes ill or becomes a person that no one enjoys anymore. It’s impossible to keep up a chronic pace of high excitement and anxiety. A point which you’ve obviously learned!

    I wish I had something wonderfully practical to tell you, or better yet, a magic wand to help you get everything done tha tyou need to get done. But unfortunately, I have neither.

    It’s impossible to make every task a top priority. IMPOSSIBLE, Christen. I know how much that sucks to hear. :0P

    So you have to figure out what you and can and cannot handle, what you can and cannot get done in the timeline provided. It sounds like you’ve reached your boiling point. So now is the time to cull through what you’ve got going on and figure out, what are YOUR priorities. Not what are other people’s priorities for you. But YOUR priorities for yourself.

    Take a couple days to mull it over and then Monday present yourself with a revised plan that makes YOU happy. You will feel all the better for it. I promise.


  5. @Habesha: I am not even close to being in your league of multi-tasking/juggling/scheduling. I bow down to parents…and single parents get an extra tip of the hat for all they do!

    @Jackie: I fear turning into That Girl: the one who is so stressed by all that must be done that she is no longer having fun/fun to be around. This weekend was an eye-opener in priorities and realizing that people come first and I need to chill the eff out about the rest.

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