So, It Would Be Totally Weird for Me to High-Five the Adults Around Me When They Use the Bathroom, Right?

After bitching about how BUSYOHSOBUSY I am and then spending the weekend with dear friends and their two awesome kids I realized I don’t know shit about being BUSY. 


Don’t get me wrong: I had the time of my life.  Snuggly time with a tiny sweet-smelling baby?  Check.  Soccer and catch with a toddler who is kicking potty training in the ass?  Check.  (Also doesn’t hurt that said toddler complimented my sundress AND my pedicure.  Such a charmer, that one.)  And of course, quality time with my girl Beth was fantastic.  She is an excellent model for relaxed parenting.  She doesn’t let her kids juggle knives, but she doesn’t sweat the small stuff and knows that things will get done and as long as everyone is healthy and happy, it’s all good.  Even with two little demanding people in the house the atmosphere was always relaxed.  Probably didn’t hurt that we had lots of Pale Ale on hand.*  Bonus: she appreciate the pure genius of STFU, parents.


Here’s where I fail the Awesome Auntie Test: guess who failed to take a single picture the entire weekend?  So you’ll just have to take my word for it that the weekend was filled with all sorts of precious moments and baby smiles and hugs and giggles and ohmyGodIwanttoeattheirfacessqueeeee.


The visit really helped snap me out of my “How am I going to get it all done?” dilemma as I realized that I thrive on time with my friends and family.  I think that as long as I keep the best part of my life – the people – at the top of my list I can look back at my day, my week, my year and feel whole and happy. 



*For US, not for the kids.  We were NOT getting the kids drunk.  Just wanted to clarify that.


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