La Indecisión Me Molesta

For someone who has no problems bossing other people around and declaring How Things Should Be, I am having some troubles pulling the trigger in my own life.  None of the decisions that need to be made are life-changing…which is why this is a frustrating feeling.  I have moved, changed jobs and ended relationships with more certainty and confidence but I cannot figure out what to get a friend for a wedding shower gift?  That’s healthy, right?


Things That Need to Be Decided In the Nearish Future and Yet I Cannot Deal HALP!


  1. Aforementioned wedding shower gift.  Despite the presence of gift registries at two nice stores (and lots of great options at various price points and such) I am having a hard time clicking “Purchase” and moving on with my day.  Since when do I have trouble shopping?  Now, apparently.
  2. What to wear for said shower.  I know.  I KNOW.  The creative genius behind “What to Wear Wednesday” cannot tell herself what to wear.  For the type of event that I have attended approximately eleventeenhundredjabillion times. 
  3. Where should we stay in San Francisco when we see Wicked?  (OMG!  SO EXCITED to see this show with some of my favorite people.  So. Excited.)  I am obsessively searching various travel sites, hotel sites and polling the Interweb.  Lots of great deals, but unable to pull the trigger because what if I miss out on another great deal at some place I didn’t even know about and my life ends because of it?
  4. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: I can’t decide what to wear when see Wicked.  Like it fucking matters since a.) we will be sitting in a dark theater and b.) I’m not in the goddamn show anyway.  I mean, really. 


So if someone would like to come over and be The Boss of Me or maybe just punch me in the face and yell at me to snap out of it and put my big girl panties on and GET SHIT DONE, YO that would be great.


9 thoughts on “La Indecisión Me Molesta

  1. OK.
    1. Buy the first thing on the registry that is in the right price range that you see. She registered for it, you know’ll she’ll like it.
    2. Wear a nice summery dress that is not too pastelley so it can also double for the night with an added wrap or cardigan. You don’t need to be flashy or impress your favorite people. They’ve seen you in…well, I won’t mention THAT. That way you can also meet up with your fabolus friends even sooner.
    3. We can pull the trigger together – Sir Francis Drake for reg price or Ritz for a discount. I vote for the Ritz because that type of hotel is only affordable one night at a time. So, it’s not right next to the theater, it’s not too far off if you wear comfortable shoes.
    4. See #2.
    5. When the hell did you start with all the Spanish?

  2. 1. Good call. As much as I love the registry thing (so easy) it also feels weird to buy my friends dishes. But I guess this is what she wants and needs so I should get over it.
    2. Funny you mention that – I have been going through my closet and trying to put together a day-to-night option (maybe switch out shoes and add a wrap) so I wouldn’t need to pack two nice outfits. Worst case scenario, I pack two nice outfits but since I have made the decision, I just need to change and can meet up with my fabulous friends in record time!
    3. Let me consult with my companion since I feel like maybe he should have a say in where he stays, too. 🙂
    4. Word.
    5. The title of the post is a line from a song by The Clash (“Should I Stay or Should I Go”). At one point they sing each line and then repeat it in Spanish. It is literally one of the ONLY things I know in Spanish. Bueno! Gracias! Yep, there ya go.
    6. I knew I could count on you to come through on being The Boss of Me. Heh.

  3. All I want to say is when choosing a place to stay, think of the food and booze you want to consume. Staying near the theatre would be ideal but that area isnt the greatest for hanging out before or after the show.
    Some of the othe places are just a short cab ride away and probably closer to some fine watering holes and dining experiences.
    Of course….knowing you…you already have this covered.
    When in doubt…splurge a little. And dont bother asking your companion….us guys dont care.

  4. The places I’ve been researching are more Union Square-ish and actually pretty nice. Lots of bar/restaurant options. You know me: motivated by food! Typically, I’d rather splurge on that than a place to sleep and store my clothes, but that’s me.

    Oh, and you’ll never guess who the bride-to-be is for this wedding shower! Monica F.! Squeeeeee!!!! I get to see her and Ann. Very excited!

  5. Wait a second – Monica is engaged?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG How cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give her a big hug from me too!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mo, I will do that!

    Eileen, I could have sworn I told you this, but maybe forgot? I will pass along the squeals and hugs!

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