Grace in Small Things: Beat the Heat

It has been so very hot here for what feels like an eternity.  This delicate flower, however, refuses to wilt in a pile of despair.  Some small, yet meaningful, things that bring a smile to my face when it would be easy to be snippy and whiny:


  1. The sincere “Thank you” and smile from a young woman where I volunteer on Friday mornings reminds me that while standing outside in the heat isn’t always fun, it is appreciated.
  2. Dancing up a sweat to 80’s music on a Saturday night.
  3. Wine, snacks and movies on a lazy Sunday.
  4. The student worker who took my lunch order and did not call me high maintenance over my tomato weirdness.
  5. DJ Kool, House of Pain and Beastie Boys: sometimes you need the right soundtrack to psych yourself up for a busy week ahead.


Hope you’re keeping cool like The Fonz, my friends.


4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: Beat the Heat

  1. I have a very mild allergy to raw tomatoes. Nothing life threatening, but I CANNOT HANDLE throwing up. So I am kind of a freakshow about them. Word on the street is that most people outgrow these things but I don’t even want to risk a vomitfest, so I remain ever-vigilant and ever-neurotic.

  2. Is that any raw tomatoe? I mean, can you eat Pico de Gallo but not tomatoes on your sandwich?

    Beastie Boys…perfect way to prep for the week by the way.

  3. No pico for this gal, Mo. In fact, last night I asked the waitress to hold the pico and then tried to inconspicuously pick the tomatoes out of my guacamole. I swear I’m really not high maintenance.

    Right now I’ve got some Rage Against the Machine going. So appropriate!

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