Nothing and Yet…Lots of Stuff

Does anyone read this anymore?  I feel so neglectful, but I also realize that no one’s life actually revolves around this thing.


So, um, wow.  What the fuck happened to last week?  Between puking (stomach bug or food poisoning – still not sure!), working my ass off, being hot and having a toddler-esque freak out meltdown in response to the current pace of my life I’ve been trying to organize all of my crazy thoughts into something coherent.  And it didn’t happen.  So I spared you from the ridiculousness and whining.  You’re welcome.


Remember back when I was all, “Dude, I’m so busy and kind of overwhelmed but I’m going to do it all with jazz hands and a smile?”  Yeah, um, that worked out for a few days and then last week in a fit of hormones and exhaustion and frustration that much of my time has been spent fixing others’ mistakes, I went and lost my shit.  And then I hit the road for yet another packed weekend of activities.  I know: someone needs to punch me in the face.


Instead of draining me of my will to live I find myself feeling more energized and focused.  Something about time with loved ones put the blurriness of this summer into perpsective and that might mean saying “No” occasionally so I have time to pursue the little things that make me happy, like laughing with my friends and family.  And, you know, writing.  So, thanks for hanging in there with me…if you’re still reading this?


8 thoughts on “Nothing and Yet…Lots of Stuff

  1. Hey – I was on vacation but checked your blog every day and was disappointed not to have anything from my favorite (um, albeit only( blogger (that I check). So glad you are back and better!!! Can tell you are not feeling up to your fabulous Christen self….your shimmer is not blinding me today so please my friend, take care of yourself!!!!

  2. Au contraire, G! I am feeling great, if a bit sleep-deprived due to my new early morning wake-up time to go running! Fell off the exercise wagon awhile ago and yet the beer/cheese intake has increased. But, I am back in action, re-focused and feeling ready to write and share some of my shimmer 🙂

  3. Yeah, I’m feeling energized and ready to start writing more regularly. Fear not, AlexJB – you WILL have something to read over lunch!

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