If I Had a Beret With Me I’d Toss It In the Air Mary Tyler Moore-Style

As shitty as last week was physically and mentally, this week is shaping up to be freaking awesome.  There’s a lot to be said for not puking, my friends.  Also, getting up off my fat ass.


Awhile back I knew I needed to make some changes to my routine: I had abandoned South Beach entirely and the running was a thing of the past.  I told myself it was too hot to run and that it would be wrong not to drink all the Summerfest in Chico since it isn’t available year-round (see also: I will justify anything).  Not surprisingly, I wasn’t sleeping well, felt grumpy and my clothes started feeling tight.  Good times.  So, after a wonderful weekend of indulgence (cheese platter! cocktails! beer on the patio!) I am taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle and miraculously…I feel human again.  My brain is less foggy already and my mood is significantly better.  The feelings of being overwhelmed aren’t as strong, and yet I am busy as ever.  It’s like eating well and exercising is GOOD FOR YOU.  Who knew? 


The morning jogs are back on (I’m not breaking any distance/speed records but whatever) and I have cut out the afternoon soda and candy.  There is water on my desk at all times so I won’t start sliding into dangerous dehydration territory.  I am still allowing for some treats because I am my grandma’s granddaughter.  CKD loves her some pie, yo. 


Don’t worry, this won’t turn into some sort of diet/exercise blog (although if I find some great recipes I might share because everyone loves food porn) and I am not abandoning all debauchery.  I know you all shudder to think of a world where I am not doing something stupid while under the influence.


4 thoughts on “If I Had a Beret With Me I’d Toss It In the Air Mary Tyler Moore-Style

  1. Are you back on the South Beach? Modified version of it?
    Holding steady at about 10 pounds lost over here but I think I need to jumpstart myself again and do the Phase 1 all over. Yikes.

  2. Not really hardcore, but definitely following the principles. I think next week the family is going back on Phase 1, too. Need to get back on track.

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