Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes…or Somethin’ Like That

Some randomness for you that, hopefully, will constitute an entire post.  Bullet points!  Hooray! 


  • The crazy-assed two day conference I helped plan went off smashingly well, if I do say so.  I feel like an event is a success if the only negative comments people can come up with are things that cannot be helped (ie weather) and no one loses an eye.  I aim high, clearly.  Anyway, it was gratifying to see the fruits of my labor come to life and DUDE I TOTALLY MET A NOBEL PRIZE WINNER AND HE ASKED MY OPINION ABOUT STUFF.  Also, nice that none of my stress dreams came true: people showed up, there was enough food and I never misplaced my shoes.  Who dreams about misplacing her shoes during a work event?  I do, apparently.


  •  I am feeling the need for a change-up in the hair department.  After a whopping four months of sorta-longish-at-least-for-me hair I am thinking about cutting it.  Nothing crazy, but I keep seeing all these pictures of curly haired women with adorable shorter styles and I look at my scrappy ponytail and think, “Meh, surely I can do better than this” and am tempted to chop it.  Also, I am missing the red and think it may be time to say buh-bye to the auburnish-brown hybrid that doesn’t really do much for me.   Joan Holloway is a big inspiration.  Any thoughts or advice here is welcome.  Because I know you care.


  •   Forever 21 just opened in Chico and I am excessively excited about that.  Nevermind that I am a good 10 years beyond the intended demographic. 


  • Last night we were talking about getting called for jury duty and I talked about Liz Lemon’s method for getting out of it.  Watch this if performing your civic duty doesn’t appeal.  Safe for work, but you may accidentally snort coffee out of your nose.  Not that I’ve ever done that. 

4 thoughts on “Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes…or Somethin’ Like That

  1. Congrats on the event, honey! This is one of those times I’m very glad to say “I told you so” 🙂

    You could work the Jane Holloway. Is it time for a more adventurous hair stylist?

  2. Ha! Thanks AlexJB! I knew it would all happen but the days leading up to the big event were long and stressful (lots of weird power struggles that don’t interest me – I am a Get It Done person) so it was nice that it came together.

    I like my stylist because she does what I request, so it’s up to me to tell her I want to switch it up. I am collecting pictures to aid in my description.

  3. OH CKD i love the blog post where you say like 4 completely unrelated things and my mind goes “what does pulling off an event (congratulations by the way) have to do wit jury duty?” Then I find myself just sitting back and saying ah screw it there’s no sense trying to figure it out.

    Isn’t the point of Forever 21 the idea that no one is too old. I do however think that Volvo driving soccer moms with 3 kids shouldn’t be there but i think you still have a good few years left. Although I personally think that store has gone town hill a bit in the last year or so.

    You’re hair is always adorable so if you feel you need a change then CHANGE IT!

    Ok, so why do you need to get out of jury duty? Just say that you were neighbors with the person on trial or something that always seams to work.

    Well love you!

  4. In my head I sometimes manage to bring the randomness full circle but then I realize not everyone will get to that same place. Just grateful y’all will go on the journey with me.

    I have never really shopped at Forever 21 but I always see stuff from there in magazine spreads on how to score cheap knock offs of JCrew and other brands. But I also hear that the trade off is that your new $12 blouse will likely last about a week. Still, I am hungry for new shopping options around here and will take my chances!

    I have not been called for jury duty, but was offering advice to someone else because I am helpful, yo.

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