Why I Love Glee: Exhibit 473

As if the presence of Jane Lynch were not enough to make me smile, Glee brings us moments like this and this.  It’s impossible for me to resist this show’s charms.  It’s like the writers know all of my guilty pleasure songs. 


Watch these clips if you need a Monday pick-me-up, yo.


7 thoughts on “Why I Love Glee: Exhibit 473

  1. I LOVE GLEE!!!! although i am a bit peeved that the main character’s name is Finn. Why you might ask? You see i have wanted to name my son Finn for since about 8th grade when I read A Separate Piece. Now there is a cute boy with my name on primetime!!! there goes my original name! either way i cant wait for hunky teacher guy to find out his wife is a whack job and for Finn to find out he is no baby daddy.
    grandma will here for 2 weeks, get jealous of all the tasty food, especially the beans i will be inhaling!!

  2. You can still name your kid Finn. My friends named their baby Juno, a name they had liked, not long after the movie came out. Can’t ditch a name based on the current pop culture trend, yo.

    Have an awesome time with Grandma – I am so jealous! Not just of the food you will enjoy but because she’s all-around fabulous.

  3. I wouldn’t say it’s “bad” acting, but yeah, it’s not Shakespeare. It’s entertaining and fun and who doesn’t love Jane Lynch?

  4. There is something about that show…it’s silly, and over-the-top with character stereotypes. But then there’s the utter lack of whatever it is that the actors have that allows them to dance so…gleefully…and sing, and the kid in the wheelchair plays a mean base. so that’s cool.

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