Him: “Aw, you’re cooking for me.  This is nice.”


Me: “I’m not cooking, I’m reheating soup.”


Him: “Homemade soup.”


Me: “Yeah, but Dave made it.  I didn’t cook any of this.  But I did put it in some tupperware to bring here… If you’re impressed with this maybe later I’ll microwave my leftovers from Chili’s for you too.”





6 thoughts on “Domesticity

  1. It’s important to manage expectations in situations like this. Much easier to clear up this little misunderstanding now rather than wait, say, 2 years, and have him looking at you accusingly (or, perhaps, pouting) and say “but honey, how come you never cook for me any more?”

    Or, as Harry from When Harry Met Sally put it “I never wanted anyone to say ‘how come you never take me to the airport anymore?’ ”

    Make sure he knows that the only thing the CKD makes for dinner is rezzies and bevvies ! 😉

    • Oh, he knows that CKD makes rezzies and bevvies! Luckily the man can cook (and grill like a pro!) and I am more than happy to set the table, get the apps and cheese platter set up and load the dishwasher. It’s a nice team effort, really. But the poor guy has been sick this week so I figured homemade soup would be nice. Made by Not Me. Girlfriend of the Year!

  2. Apparently that nesting thing hasn’t quite made the leap into for-realsies cooking but maybe I’ll bake something. That counts, right? Jesus, my grandma would be horrified by me right now.

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