This is What Living with an Artist is REALLY Like

While getting ready to leave for Tahoe for the weekend:


Mom: “Are you packed yet?”


Dave: “Uh, no, not really.”


Mom: “You had ALL THIS TIME TO PACK.  Why aren’t you packed?”


Dave: “I don’t know!  What do I bring?”


Mom: “You don’t know what to bring?  First of all, get your suitcase.”


Dave: “Fuck it, I’m taking my clothes in a garbage bag like Raymond.”


Mom: “Christen, get in here and make sure he packs what he needs.  And make sure he doesn’t use a garbage bag for his stuff.”


Me: “What the hell?  You are not a hobo!  Go get your suitcase.  I can’t believe you can’t pack for yourself.”


Dave: “I can do it!  Wait, how many days are we going to be there?”


Mom: “Forget it, I’m taking her *gestures to me* and you can stay home.”


Me: “Fine with me.  I can have my stuff packed in two minutes and don’t require adult supervision.”


Dave: “Why can’t I take the garbage bag?”


Mom sighs heavily and leaves the room.




4 thoughts on “This is What Living with an Artist is REALLY Like

  1. You know, I got hit with the “Why aren’t you packed yet?” drill last Friday. Why do people ask questions like that? There’s no answer that will be acceptable, so why bother asking?

    And as for the garbage bag… I applaud Dave for channeling his inner Hobo. Viva la minimalism !!

    • Yeah, I don’t know why my mom asked “why” since his answer was bound to annoy the hell out of her.

      You AND Abner are encouraging this behavior. What is wrong with you boys???

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