She’s Crafty 2: Electric Boogaloo

Remember when I was lamenting my lack of skillz in the creative/domestic arts?  Well guess who has found her calling?


I made a wreath you guys!  From, like, supplies from a craft store and I used a glue gun and it was AWESOME. 


Behold the fruits of my labor:


Isn't she lovely? Please note the layering, textures, and various forms of media blahblahsopretty!


Full disclosure: it was not my idea to make the wreath.  In fact, I played a fairly minimal role in the selecting of items and kept saying, “I’m pretty sure we can just buy one somewhere.”  And I am not the owner of the aforementioned glue gun.  But hot damn, it was FUN and such a satisfying feeling to look at it and say, “Yeah, I did that.”


You know what else was satisfying to make? That whiskey and soda in my left hand. What? I put it down when kids rang the bell to trick-or-treat.


So, if, uh, you get a wreath from me for Christmas/Hannukah/your birthday/your wedding/your baby you’ll know it was made with love.  And whiskey, probably.


One thought on “She’s Crafty 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Everything should be made with a little whiskey. Two thumbs up on that wreath, babe! I think you should make a home video and send it to TLC or some channel like that & ask for your own show. You could call it “Makin’ Shit With Christen . . . and Whiskey.” Or should it be “Makin’ Shit with Whiskey . . . and Christen,” because, really, what’s the more important ingredient: you or whiskey? Tough call.

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