These Are the Daves I Know

My buddy Dave called me out for not doing a birthday shout-out for him today.  I kind of abandoned those after a few people were all, “DUDE, no one else knew about that and now I can’t run for office.  THANKS BITCH.”

So instead today I’ll post what I was already going to – on Dave’s birthday – because this seems like the kind of thing that might amuse him.  Why do I think so?  Because Homes named his pub trivia group The Rumpleforeskins.  I almost pissed myself and shot Stella out of my nose when I heard that.  And that’s saying something for a composed, classy gal such as myself.

Band Names That Make Me Wish I Had Some Musical Talent Just So I Could Start a Band.  Where I’d Be the Drummer, OBVIOUSLY.

Happy Birthday Dave!  Maybe the Rumpleforeskins can open for Steel Erection?


2 thoughts on “These Are the Daves I Know

  1. My fave pretend bands are:
    Capillary Action
    Jeezy C and The Apostles

    Which reminds me, I think a good idea for a pajama store would be, taking advantage of that huge e-tailer…but there is a band called pajamazon. WTF?

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