Ed documented the Great Soup Cooking of 2009 because when my dad called while I was letting the soup simmer he did not believe I was actually cooking food.  Making mac and cheese from the box?  Sure!  But using the stove?  And, like, utensils and shit?  Oh hells no!


A vaguely blurry CKD wielding that wooden spoon over that pot of soup like she knows what's up. Also, do you like the new kitchen rug? I do.


Obligatory shot of the chef tasting the masterpiece. (Gah! What the fuck has happened to my waistline? Note to self: step away from the brie!)


Food Porn: The only kind that is safe for work. Like our dorkass attempt at staging here like this is going in Sunset magazine or something? I loved the wine we had but think I might switch it up and try a red when I have some leftovers tonight. Like the new kitchen rugs, I am also quite excited over the new placemats, napkins and napkin rings. Feel free to mock.


 So, suck it Martha Stewart!  There’s a new bitch with mad skillz and I think my own show on Food Network or HGTV is imminent.


6 thoughts on “Proof

  1. @Brooke: Thanks Kiddo! One of the fun things about being all domestic: SHOPPING!

    @Habesha: I can’t take much credit for the neatness of Ed’s place; he’s a pretty tidy guy. And we were on a cleaning/nesting spree so the kitchen looks all presentable and stuff for this little photo shoot.

  2. Funny you should ask… Dave is making it as I type this! My parents LOVED it so Dave decided to give it a whirl. It was super tasty, not terribly difficult to make, and perfect for the cold nights we’re having now. My BFF Lili, who turned me on to this recipe in the first place, recommends adding chard.

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