Grace in Small Things: Thankful

A friend of mine is posting daily Facebook updates stating what she is thankful for, in addition to updating her blog daily.  I saw that, thought “How cool!  I should do that!” and then totally dropped the ball.


1.) I am thankful for my beautiful, crazy, ridiculous family.  I wouldn’t trade any of those crazies for all the shoes or cheese in the world.


2.) I am thankful for my friends.  I think of you as my extended family, the siblings I didn’t have.  I cannot imagine where I would be without each of you. 


3.) I am thankful for my healthy, happy relationship.  The CKD of A Year Ago would have laughed hysterically if you told her she would be writing something like this.  Life is surprising – sometimes in the best possible way.


4.) I am thankful for our pets.  People who don’t have them probably don’t get the attachment, but there is something about that unconditional love and companionship that can turn a crappy day around.


5.) I am thankful that so many of my friends and family have become (or are about to become) parents.  And I’m not just saying that because pregnant chicks make the best designated drivers, or because I feel thin next to them.  I actually like your babies – they smell awesome and it’s so cool to see them grow from little squishy* blobs into people who talk and stuff.


How about you?  What are you thankful for?



*To be clear, I have not been squeezing any babies.  I am very gentle and will not go all Lenny on your kid.


One thought on “Grace in Small Things: Thankful

  1. I don’t say this too often, or often enough, but I’m thankful for the caring and thoughtful students I teach. In last month’s aftermath of the fourth suicide in six months that happened at our school, the students were the ones who put forth the real, meaningful effort in an attempt to stop this awful suicide contagion by creating awesome support groups, websites, and a spin-off of Operation Beautiful. So, every day, I get to not only teach these remarkable people (I don’t say they’re remarkable when I’m irritated with them, but I’m sure the feeling’s mutual), but I get to see the various messages they have left on campus. My favorite today: “Your laughter brightens someone’s day.”

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