The Reasons I Am Smiling Today

Today has been one of those perfect Fall days where it’s cool and crisp and sunny. 


I had lunch with a dear friend and my food was perfect.  While at lunch, we bumped into someone who went to my high school and her baby boy was so smiley and sweet and chubby-cheeked that it took all my strength to resist the urge to smell his head.


After lunch I was told I looked pretty and complimented on my scarf at the salon where I buy my shampoo.  My gingerbread latte had the perfect amount of whipped cream.  I was able to steal a few minutes with Ed while he ran an errand for work.


New pearl earrings arrived in the mail and I can’t wait to bust them out this weekend.


My goddaughter is now a mama and I am simultaneously excited over the new baby and feeling extremely old.  Am I a grandgodmother?  Godgrandmother?  Whatever it is, I think it requires wrinkle cream.  But mostly I can’t wait to meet Baby Giovanni.  Also, how great is the name Giovanni?  It’s so great.


And finally: this clip pretty much made my night.  The Glee obsession rages on (I shushed Ed a bunch of times and all but banished him to another room in his own house during this episode).  This version of one of my favorite dance songs is amazing. 



4 thoughts on “The Reasons I Am Smiling Today

  1. Remember Steve Tornabene? It was his sister! We kept looking at each other like, “Do I know you?” and finally I just asked where she went to high school. She lives here now with her husband and 2 kids. Small world, eh?

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