The Reasons I Am Smiling Today 2: Electric Boogaloo

The heater has been fixed and the house is now fabulously warm and lovely.  And yes, I DO realize what a first world problem it is to have shelter and a home and be slightly inconvenienced by having to wear a sweatshirt or something. 


My mom declared me the winner is the Soup Smackdown of 2009.  This is HIGH PRAISE, ya’ll.  The woman does not dole out compliments lightly and has no problem dashing the hopes and dreams of her only child.  Plus, she really likes food so she knows her shit.


Dave is making one of my favorite dishes: meatloaf muffins (meatloaf cooked in muffin pans, which sounds crazy but sweet baby Jesus are they GOOD), likely in an attempt to redeem himself after his abject failure in the soup area.  Quick aside: I am kind of an asshole when I win, especially if the contest is only in my head.  I really don’t care about his motivation here; I’m just psyched to eat meatloaf.  The food, not the singer.  Gross.


My green puffy vest from Old Navy is so awesome.  The lining is like buttah and I look sassy.


New Year’s Eve in Mendocino!  Sweet!


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