‘Tis the Season to Get Frustrated

I really do love the holiday season.  And I love shopping and finding great gifts for my loved ones.  There’s just one certain family member who drives me to the brink of CrazyTown when it comes time to shop.


Dad, I’m looking at you.


My dad watches sales year-round and tends to pick up things he wants or needs as he comes across them.  When I ask him what he’d like for Christmas he offers a vague “Oh, you always gets me nice things” with a wave of his hand.  DUDE, I need more guidance HELPYOURFIRSTBORNCOMEON!!!!


As of right now I am seriously considering writing him an apology letter for my behavior from 1993 to, oh, now and calling it good.


Other ideas include


  • New clothes.  And by “new” I mean variations on his current style, which is best described as Lumberjack Chic.  How many plaid flannel shirts and Levi’s does one man need?  By the looks of his closet?  There’s never too many.
  • New music.  The guy’s stereo has been hijacked by a certain preschooler and I fear he is losing the will to rock.  A man can only deal with so much “Wheels on the Bus” nonsense before he loses his shit.  And his street cred.
  • Something homemade.  But what?  Bubba has cornered the market on Adorable Handmade Goods and Shit That Makes My Dad All Weepy so I feel like any attempt on my part is just sort of lame.  And rude, like I’m trying to steal the baby’s thunder.  If my dad liked chocolate or peanut butter or any other number of things that normal people enjoy I could bake for him.  But no.  He has to go all high-maintenance on me.  Circle of Life, I suppose.


So, uh, any ideas on what to get the man who has everything, including a loving, if slightly whackadoo, family?


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