I’ll Have Some Cheese and Crackers with my Whine

I don’t know what the hell has come over me, but I have been gripped with malaise, ennui, and an overwhelming case of irrationality. 

I mean, I freaked the fuck out last night because some of my East Coast/Central time zone Facebook friends posted spoilers over last night’s Glee before it aired in California.  Um, WHAT THE HELL, CKD?  Get a grip.  Get some perspective.  Get a fucking life. 

To be fair, the freakout wasn’t just about finding out about a plot twist of some TV show.  I mean, I’m crazy, but not, like, Psycho Hose Beast Crazy.  I am finding that I crack under the dumbest things when I feel pressure building up against me.  The challenge for me has always been recognizing the signs that I am reaching a breaking point, and taking a moment to stop, breathe, and take care of myself before I fall apart. 

If nothing else, I owe it to the people around me to hold my shit together.


6 thoughts on “I’ll Have Some Cheese and Crackers with my Whine

  1. I just laughed so hard at the Psycho Hose Beast ref. We should definitely bring that expression back. And, if it’s any consolation, I had a freak out when my New Yorker friend posted the results of Project Runway.

  2. I do get why it’d bother you that Facebook friends have spoiled something on TV for you. That’s happened to me a couple times this year thanks to the 3-hour time difference. The irony is that most of the live shows tape here in LA only 90 miles away from me but all the East Coasters see it first. Argh. I’m trying to learn to NOT get on Facebook to pass the time before a show comes on. I like the element of surprise, that’s why I tune in every week to follow a show. I don’t want people to spoil it for me!

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