Totally Understanding Why People Get Dumped Around the Holidays

I’m not sure what has come over me lately but I have been gripped with what can only be described as Christmas Spirit Dipped in Crazy and Wrapped in Batshit Loony Sprinkled with What the Fuck is Wrong with You.

I’d like to blame Ed since he’s Griswolded out his house and just generally really digs this time of year, but nope.  His enthusiasm is still well within the “Normal” range (decorating the house and tree, baking some cookies, watching Christmas Vacation, etc.) and here I am coming up with all kinds of activities and outings and basically handing him reasons to run screaming in the other direction.

Lately I’ve been really excited about doing all manner of totally cheesy, ridiculous holiday related things.  On Sunday I dragged Ed to the Stansbury House for their annual Victorian Christmas..thing.  I wasn’t entirely clear on what was going on there, but I was thoroughly convinced we needed to go and see it and take part and enjoy it, damn it.


Walking up to the house:


Ed: “So, uh, what is this exactly?  Is there a performance or something?”

Me: (In a ridiculous high-pitched, chipper voice) “I don’t think so.  It’s just…fun.  It’s all…decorated.  For Christmas!  And it’s a Victorian House…with decorations!  And they have cookies and cider.  (Realizing I sound totally nutburgers.) Look, it’s festive and whimsical and I’ve never been so we’re going, OK?”

The house really is cool and the decorations were lovely and they had docents in each room to give you a full history of each room, from the floorboards to the wallpaper, which was sweet and sort of interesting but also kind of overkill.  I mean, I’m not an expert, but I was able to quickly deduce that they ate in the dining room

Ed was a great sport until we were practically held hostage in the master bedroom by the Main Historian Guy who was all too eager to regale us with tales of the different carpet patterns.  He shot me a look that said, “Holy hell, Woman, what kind of crap have you dragged me into?”  We finally made our escape when some other visitors came into the room and distracted the guy.

Does anyone else have any sort of holiday-induced craziness?  This isn’t the kind of thing I would normally opt to do on a weekend, and yet I was so excited about it and enthusiastically nodding about the pocket doors to the dining room…I mean, seriously.  Who am I? 

In other news: I am still looking for outfit suggestions for Ed’s company party later this week.  We leave town Thursday so get your ideas in by Wednesday night (aka Panicked Packing Time).


2 thoughts on “Totally Understanding Why People Get Dumped Around the Holidays

  1. I completely understand how you feel! I actually want to take my four year old nephew and husband to Las Posados in Old Town San Diego. This wouldn’t be a surprise given it’s let’s-celebrate-Jesus’s-birth-time-and-appreciate-the-struggle-Mary-and-Joseph-had-in-finding-a-place-to-sleep-each-night-on-the-way-to-Bethlehem if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m an atheist and really only celebrate Christmas for the non-Christmas aspects. When I told George I wanted to go, his eyes widened in surprise. Because this was his same wife who just this past Friday took our nephew around a diorama scenes of Las Posados and the manger and three wise men and all that mythology explaining the story. So go figure. Heck, Christmas only comes around once a year. Let’s celebrate it with all the enthusiasm we give everything else in our lives. Why not?

  2. You’re not nutbuggers. Rick’s and my Christmas parties were both last weekend – Friday and Saturday. We leave on the 20th for Hawaii until January 4th and are going desert camping this weekend so while originally planning to not decorate (being gone and all) four days ago we decided to plan two family holiday dinner parties at our house next Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday will be mellow with but only eight folks whereas Friday will have around 40. Now we are in full swing decorate mode in between Christmas shopping, camping, pre-two week vacation stuff….This is what the holidays and love are all about!

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