Trying to Find a Theme in This Post is Like…Well, Let’s Just Say It’s Got a Lot Going On, OK?

Taking kids to see Santa is basically teaching them to completely ignore any and all Stranger Danger lectures.  “No, really, it’s cool.  Sit on this strange guy’s lap, tell him about yourself and then pose for some photos.”  It sounds like the storyline of a Law & Order: SVU episode.  Bubba was uncharacteristically shy during his visit, but wasn’t freaked out the way he was his first Christmas.  He asked for a few things, and it looks like Daddy is going to fold and get him a real drum set.  Given my dad’s generous/crazy nature I’m thinking this might be my year for a pony.


You know what’s an awesome way to spend a cold, rainy day?  Curled up on a couch under a blankie catching up with a dear friend while her dogs play around the house.  There’s something comforting about being around someone you have known for 20 years.  Our conversations go something like this:

Me: “Is it lame that I totally want a Star Trek t-shirt for myself?”

Her: (without hesitation) “Yes.”


Ed’s office party happened and I wore something that looked perfectly fine and that’s probably all I am going to say about that night.  Not because I got trashed and danced with a lamp shade on my head or something.  Oh no.  THAT would have been welcome given my actual behavior, which could best be described as full-tilt apeshit crazy with a side order of massively inappropriate.  At one point I ended up apologizing to one of his colleagues because she got caught in the crossfire of my psycho.  Yeah.  It’s…probably better if I don’t go into details, but we are OK now and I feel lucky, quite honestly, to still be in this relationship.  I gave the poor guy ample reason and opportunity to kick my crazy ass to the curb and he didn’t give up on me or us.  Hello, Holiday Miracle.


I think my casual lifestyle in Chico has wrecked my sense of style and fashion and looking cute.  Pretty sure gaining weight hasn’t helped, but we’ll just let that slide for the moment.  We had brunch with Ed’s former boss on Saturday (Peninsula Creamery – holla), who is eight months pregnant with her second baby and I swear to God she looks infinitely cuter, more stylish and more put together than I do on my best day.  Still, my eggs were good and a waitress complimented my lipstick.  And the former boss was super nice.


Why does Jon Stewart keep giving me reasons to fall in love with him?  This was up my alley, obviously.


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