Pretty and Bright with Soft Curls

Yesterday I heated up some leftovers for lunch.  Excessively excited for the chicken and veggie stirfry, I dove into my food with great enthusiasm only to discover it wasn’t chicken.  Tofu?  Really?  I believe this is what is known as a grave disappointment.  Not to mention kinda gross; the texture was all weird.  Note to everyone: tofu does NOT hold up well.

My day started looking up when I spied that this television classic is now coming to DVD.  I sort of thought I was the only one into this show; I mean, it wasn’t on a Cosby Show or Growing Pains level of popularity, there was no hunky teenage star, and aside from Grace from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as a neighbor had no recognizable cast member.  But holy shit you guys: I absolutely know the theme song.  Sometimes I think my parents should have saved everyone a lot of time and hassle and just lit that private school tuition money on fire.

In related news of the useless knowledge floating around in my hops-clouded brain…last night I was watching Jeopardy and knew some of the answers in my head but didn’t feel the need to shout one out until it was “Duckie” from Pretty in Pink.  The next one I knew instantly?  “Otter” from Animal House.  When the guy who was in the lead answered “Flounder” I felt the need to mock him by shouting at the TV.  No one else was in the room.  You can call me “Nana” if you like.

The “About” page at the top has been updated because…well, I was bored.  Nothing terribly shocking there but at least no one can say I don’t make an effort.


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