Extreme Makeover

I’m trying out this new format because I am in a horrible mood, which usually means I want to do something like chop off all my hair or dye it purple, but this seemed easier, was free, and won’t take weeks to undo.

What do we think?  I like the orange and black as an homage to the SF Giants and Halloween, but am not sold.

UPDATED: OK, we have some green going on again and it’s not so dark or somber or angry…thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover

  1. Oh please – be honest! I appreciate it! I want something clean but not bland. Found a cute background but it has fucking hearts and stars. Are we in 3rd grade?

  2. A few years of design experience and just my gut feeling go with a big fat NO on this one. I can only see how this would work only during October. Okay well if you thought a Giants logo somewhere than maybe during baseball season. You’ll here me say “keep it simple” but this my dear is too simple.

    Now ask me what I really think 🙂

  3. it does look clean and nice, but the colors are dark and depressive, i like the layout but not really the colors ;o) hope your mood is moving on upppp!

  4. That’s so funny–I’m in the same mood and just did a makeover at my blog. But I kind of agree with what everyone has been saying–there’s something about this format that isn’t “you.”

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