Odds & Ends, Here & There

It’s Friday!  You get a post cobbled together with bullet points!  Lucky you! 

  • Operation: Purge is ON! No, I am not bulimic; just in need of a good wardrobe purge and organizational upgrade.  I have been feeling overwhelmed every time I open my closet or a dresser drawer, which is generally an indication that it’s time to grab the garbage bags and start filling them up.  Consignment stores, friends and Salvation Army are all going to get a little somethin’ somethin’ from CKD soon.
  • I have eaten soup literally every day this week, for one meal or another.  This isn’t really newsworthy I guess.  But it must be some sort of personal best or something?
  • Have you heard of the site Tipsy Society?  Well, you have now.  My blog-stalking ways led me to this site via Whoorl and I am now addicted.  Fashion!  Organization!  Cocktails!  Yes, please.  The $50 Friday feature may be the love of my life.
  • I have been invited to two baby showers this week and got word of four engagements…so far  I should just have all of my money sent directly to Babies R Us and Crate and Barrel.  I am living life around minute 3:54 of this scene, but the whole thing kinda resonates with me.
  • Yes, I am a horrible person.
  • But you knew that.
  • Oh God, this has just devolved into me typing a new sentence for every bullet.
  • That stops NOW.
  • I spent the morning with a funny, well-intentioned, yet not especially mature 22 year-old woman today and found myself thinking at times, “Good Lord, was I THIS ridiculous at that age?  Eh, probably.  Just be nice.”  I feel like that somehow counteracts my previous lack of enthusiasm over buying receiving blankets and mixing bowls.  Maybe?
  • Said young woman invited me to hear her sing with her band at a dive bar in town.  I might actually go since they are performing from 4pm-8pm and we all know Old Lady DeFazio likes to be in her jammies by 9.
  • Sometimes I wonder if Me of Yesteryear would pity Me of Today.  Probably.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Odds & Ends, Here & There

  1. ok i LOVE that episode of SATC. Totally relate. and when I was about your age, everyone and their brother was popping out babies left and right – got pretty damn expensive for a while.

  2. I love that scene! So, I was watching it just now and at the part where Carrie says :”It’s about a woman’s right to shoes.” Just then Duane looked up, rolled his eyes, and said: “are you watching SITC?” Of course, it is a woman’s right to shoes….

    I know how you feel though, but 2 babies and 4 wedding anouncements in one week! SHEESH!

    Good luck!

  3. A bullet pointed post gets a bullet pointed response:

    Yep, fell in love with Tipsy Society.
    looks like you have a busy few months ahead with weddings and babies and babies and weddings.
    I sometimes wonder what the me of Yesteryear as you so eloquently put it would think of me today but their is just moving forward.

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