Friday Bullets: Gentler Than Friday Grenades

I think I may make a habit out of Friday bulleted/random posts.  Kind of suits my ADD personality anyway and Lord knows I can’t be bothered to write individual, focused posts.  Quelle horreur!

  • I am super impressed with the various recipe suggestions I received via email, comment, Facebook, smoke signal, etc!  I have a network of culinary geniuses – and a random commenter who suggested something that involves assloads of cheese.  Score!  It’s nice to have some ideas for Valentine’s Day and maybe this will spark some confidence in my abilities.  Thank you everyone!
  • Yes, the rain has been intense for the last few weeks but seriously, people.  It’s WINTER.  I know this is California but it’s slightly unreasonable to expect 70 degrees and sunshine every day.  Maybe because I live in a farming community, but I recognize the importance of water for crops so we can do things like eat locally-grown food. 
  • I woke up with two bug bites on my left cheek.  FACE cheek, not tush.  They itch and look horrifying and I feel like I’m 15.  Awesome.
  • Does anyone else find the whole “cheating-men-go-to-rehab-for-sex-addiction” craze?  Like, NOW Tiger Woods and that ESPN guy are gonna stop playing Musical Whores after a few weeks at a resort?  Call me hideously jaded after being cheated on by a pathological liar sociopath who never met a skank he couldn’t get liquored up and lure into bed, but this smacks of insanity.  Entitled assholes are not going to learn a lesson, other than being more careful with their jackassery.
  • I should probably mention that I’m drinking my coffee with a splash of kaluha at the moment.  DON’T JUDGE.
  • Or judge.  Fuck it.
  • My birthday “gift” to myself this year is to be a little kinder to myself and show myself the same patience I readily show others.  And also learn to let go of things that are bothering me.  Both are a work-in-progress.
  • I think I am the only person the planet with zero opinion on the Superbowl, and no real plans to watch it.  I guess if pressed to root for a team I’d choose the Colts because Peyton Manning is fucking hilarious and has a decent sense of humor about himself.  But also, I sort of feel like New Orleans could use a break, you know?  Please note that my thoughts here have zero basis in the realm of football itself.

Have a lovely weekend, Interweb!  Go…Football Team!


3 thoughts on “Friday Bullets: Gentler Than Friday Grenades

  1. wow, do you see what automatically generated posts are possibly related to yours?:

    PHILIPPINES: 9 wounded in Mindanao grenade attack
    Arabs fire rocket, stab elderly Jewish woman
    Militants throw grenades in Assam

    NICE, huh?

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