I’ll Take “Potpourri” for $500, Alex

It’s a three- or four-day weekend for many of you!  Holiday!  Celebrate!

  • Last night Ed came home with wine, cheese, my favorite flowers and proceeded to cook dinner.  After dinner he retired to his office to work on a project while I had an impromptu solo dance party to this song.  Neither one of us had been drinking. 
  • Have you ever seen the movie Reality Bites?  It came out when I was 16 and I LOVED it.  Winona Ryder was my style icon, Ethan Hawke was my crush, and oh how I loved the witty quips and Gen X pop-culture references.  I had almost completely forgotten that Ben Stiller directed it and didn’t always play The Nice Bumbling Guy with The Gorgeous Girlfriend.  When the movie first came out I remember being so disgusted with how his yuppie sell-out character totally distorted Lelaina’s thoughtful documentary and now I kind of want to go back and smack indignant, self-righteous Me of 1994.  I mean, really, what the fuck did I know?  Also, I want to tell Me of 1994 to cool it with the eyeliner. 
  • 30 Rock was pretty much the perfect episode.  Two of my favorite Jons – Bon Jovi and Hamm – + Liz’s rant about her “sexual misadventures” = Pure Hilarity.  This morning it occurred to me that I have traded Winona Ryder for Liz Lemon in the style aesthetic department.  Upgrade or downgrade?
  • I have settled on a menu for Valetine’s Day, and just need to shop for the ingredients and stop hyperventilating when I think about everything that could go wrong.  A full report – good or bad – will be forthcoming.
  • So, our next door neighbors have a teenage son who thinks he’s quite the skateboarding champ.  According to his parents, Tony Hawk is failing or nearly failing all of his classes, has zero ambition and fancies himself quite the little “artist” (I think in his world artists hang out and think up cool stuff, as opposed to the artists I’ve known who pursue an education and often get a non-artistic job for luxuries like food).  There’s really no point to me telling you this other than I find this kid insufferable, mostly because I often have to wait for him to complete one of his “stunts” (read: jump over a flat board) so I can pull into my own driveway.  Then I remember he’s almost 16 and realize that it’s part of his job description to be an ass. 

 Have a great weekend, Interweb!  Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Anna Howard Shaw’s birthday, be well and make some time for a dance party.


4 thoughts on “I’ll Take “Potpourri” for $500, Alex

  1. Oh Habesha Child, how you flatter me. You know I’m hooked on yours (both of them!) too. Thanks for bearing with my random ramblings.

  2. Let me first say that you’ve sucessfully rick rolled me! Furthermore, I’m sad to see the tag “hey kid get off my lawn” not being used here. In conclusion, I hope you had the best valentines day weekend ever. I love you!

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