I Cooked Something, We Ate It, and No One Died

Let me preface this sort-of Valentine’s Day wrap up that I am not – even when in the shmoopy throes of love – a huge fan of this holiday, really.  People get so crazy with insane expectations and it can sort of suck out the fun of being romantic.  Plus, trying to shop or eat out anywhere becomes an instant nightmare.  Since Christmas feels like it happened last week and my birthday was five minutes ago, Ed and I figured we’d skip going out (and forgo the prix fixe menus), get each other a card and make dinner and dessert for each other.  Yes!  Brilliant idea!  Homemade gifts are so touching.  Unless they result in a trip to the hospital due to food poisoning.  That didn’t happen in this case, but cooking novice CKD was nervous.

The big winner in the Tell CKD What to Cook Event of 2010 was Miss Eileen and her famous coq au vin.  I have dreams about this stuff, people, and asked her for the recipe a month ago.  While reviewing all the possible submissions (and they were ALL fabulous and easy and sound delicious and will be used at a later date) I settled on this one not only based on its rating on the scrumptious meter, but because the name is French*.  And therefore, it is fancy.  Oh la la!

Ed made amaretto cheesecake.  Have I mentioned that cheesecake is my all-time favorite cake?  The amaretto just seemed to continue the “cook everything in booze!” theme of our meal.  Ah, romance.

Without further ado…photos of our labor of love.

Chopped carrots? Check. Chopped onion? Check. Leftover cheesecake batter that I wanted to eat straight from the bowl? Check.
Two cheesecakes in the oven = my dream come true. Ed gave the mini one to my parents. They love him, obviously.
This made me miss the Brunchies. Oh, did I mention this recipe includes bacon? And everything was cooked in the bacon grease? So. Amazing.
Cutting up raw chicken was probably my least favorite part of the whole process. Ed offered to do it for me but I powered through. Highly satisfying, if a little gross and slimy.
Hello, Lover.
The coq.
The vin.
Simmering now...
Aaaannddd... finally ready to eat.

*Speaking en francais was sort of a theme for the weekend what with the Olympics taking place in Canada.  I’ve either been speaking in French, speaking English with an obnoxious French accent, or talking like John Cusack’s mom in Better Off Dead and exclaiming “Peru!” at the end of every sentence.


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