Grab Your Kevlar: It’s Bullet Time

End of the week mish-mash, yo!

  • My poor mother has been in bed with the flu all week.  While this totally sucks, it does mean I get to skip a baby shower this weekend since we had a “I’ll go if you go” pact.  I’ll still send a gift, so don’t get all uppity.
  • It’s Lent and I skipped Ash Wednesday Mass but I have given up soda.  This may seem like a lame thing, but lately I’ve been on a bender, and it’s been messing with my energy levels, which in turn fucks up my mood and then I’m a nightmare to be around.  Seems like Jesus would be on board with doing something that is good for my health and makes me a pleasant person. 
  • I desperately want to go to BlogHer this summer.  I could geek out and talk to writers I admire (See: Blogroll) and IT’S IN NEW YORK CITY.  I fucking love New York.  So what’s stopping me?  Oh, just my crippling fear of being around strangers and talking to people and whatnot.  Also, where the hell do I get off thinking I’m in the same league as Heather Armstrong or Susan Wagner?
  • This may make me a bad American, but I don’t typically get into the Olympics.  As a kid?  Sure.  But not so much lately.  But for some reason this year I’m keeping up and watching events in the evenings.  I mean, the interviews with the snowboarders are fucking hilarious, and curling is oddly compelling. 
  • It’s a well-known fact that I have brilliant friends (no idea what they see in me, but whatever) but I’m going to brag a bit about one in particular. Congratulations to my dear friend Cece who has been officially promoted!  I know that her brilliance, talent and amazing performance as interim director sealed the deal, but I’d like to think maybe her wardrobe had something to do with it.  Good work, Lady!
  • The sunshine has left and we are back to gloomy weather with forecasts of rain.  Let the collective bitching commence in 3…2…


Have a lovely weekend, Kids.  Stay cool.  Well, warm, I guess.


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