From “Ugh” to “Aahhh”

Hey guys.  I’ve been feeling crappy the last couple of days.  Nothing alarming and I know by tomorrow I’ll be fine.  Still, I’ve tried to pamper myself a bit to speed up the recovery and get back to my usual self. 

Among my coping/feel happy strategies:

  • As much Zac Efron as HBO will give me
  • Some Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure appreciation with my hilarious friends
  • Taco Bell for dinner
  • Taco Truck for lunch
  • An old school Law & Order episode with my ALL TIME FAVORITE detective team of Briscoe and Logan
  • Lots of guilty pleasure magazines (No, not THAT kind, Perv)

What about you guys?  How do you re-charge or feel better?


4 thoughts on “From “Ugh” to “Aahhh”

  1. Sleep, walks at the beach and superhero movies, mostly.

    But, mainly, I wanted to say I agree with your L&O favorites. Love Jerry Orbach. 🙂

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